Family Ski Trip Packing List

Family Ski Trip Packing List for your ski holiday in Austria:

The following is a checklist of items you may need or want to take on an ski holiday or vacation.
Obviously everyone’s holiday is somewhat different, so everyone will want to pack different items.
This is just an overview of all the potential stuff you might want to pack!

Ski Travel Essentials:

◦    Tickets, money, passport
◦    Accommodation/ski hire/ ski school / flights/ car rental & insurance you can prebook everything at the Siegi Tours Homepage (
◦    Driving licence/map/ GPS/directions if you’re driving

All the driving details you can find at the Siegi Tours Hompage –

Ski/Snowboard equipment – when you don´t rent it at Siegi Tours:

▪    Ski boots/snowboard boots
▪    Skis/snowboard ( ski bag)
▪    Poles
▪    Helmet
▪    Transceiver, shovel and probe ( if heading extremely off piste)
▪    Multitool for repairs or adjustments

Ski/Snowboard clothing:

▪    Waterproof ski jacket
▪    Warm hat
▪    Sunglasses
▪    Goggles
▪    Neck warmer
▪    2x thermal tops
▪    2x fleeces
▪    Waterproof ski trousers
▪    Waterproof gloves or mittens
▪    Thermal underwear
▪    2 or 3 pairs of ski/board socks

Other clothes:

▪    Scarf
▪    Jeans/long trousers
▪    T-shirts/tops
▪    Jumper or fleece
▪    Underwear including socks
▪    Comfy trousers/jogging pants
▪    Slippers
▪    Normal gloves
▪    Shoes/boots with a good grip

Other stuff:

▪    Pyjamas
▪    Toiletries
▪    Sunscreen
▪    Lip balm
▪    Aftersun/moisturiser
▪    Snowchains if driving
▪    Swimming costume/trunks
▪    Mobile phone and charger
▪    Camera and charger
▪    Travel plug adaptor
▪    iPod and headphones
▪    Books
▪    Magazines
▪    Snacks
▪    Make up
▪    Any medication (including painkillers)
▪    Alarm clock


▪    Walkie-talkies
▪    Travel pillow
▪    Video camera
▪    DVDs
▪    Hair dryer
▪    Hair straighteners
▪    Cards/games
▪    Boot warmers
▪    Hand warmers
▪    Ankle/knee/wrist supports
▪    Deep Heat muscle treament
▪    Hip flask
▪    Handbag

Have a great journey – we help you out if you forgot something!

When you need help please contact us at: or call us today at 0043 6415 7482 0. More info you can find at:

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